Feleena is an Occupational Therapist and mental health counsellor with over 26 years working publicly and privately.

As a Mental Health Occupational Therapist, Feleena works with individuals who experience psychological or emotional difficulties to improve their functional capacity, wellbeing, quality of life and engagement in the areas of home, personal care, relationships, employment, education and community living. She works to identify strengths and barriers to functioning, and in turn enables her clients to participate in necessary and desired activities, fulfill life roles and enhance quality of life.

Feleena begins by assessing the individual’s mental health status and follows through with an assessment of function which involves consideration of:

  • Activities of Daily Living (e.g. self-care, cooking, shopping, household tasks, budgeting, driving, using public transport)
  • Mental and Cognitive processing skills
  • Communication and Interaction skills
  • Social Interaction
  • Habits, Routines, Roles
  • Values, Interests, Attitude and Motivation
  • Engagement in leisure activities

Assessments may be conducted in the individuals home along with the consulting room.

This dual approach provides the Occupational Therapist with a comprehensive picture of the client’s health status and how it is having an impact on the client’s ability to perform skills and tasks that are important in the individual’s daily life.

A comprehensive targeted treatment program is then developed and implemented.

Feleena has extensive experience advocating and liaising on client’s behalf with government and non-government agencies such as Centrelink, Housing NSW, schools and universities.

Feleena is a Medicare accredited mental health Occupational Therapist and accepts Mental Health Care Plan referrals from GPs and Psychiatrists.