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Bruce Knobloch

Bruce Knobloch

MCouns. Registered ACA counsellor

Bruce (he/him) came to counselling after a diverse work history, from teaching in a prison, to assisting not-for-profits, to being a bank teller and a bike courier. He grew up in the country but the Inner West is home. His key values are respect, equity, kindness and freedom. He seeks fun while walking lightly on the Earth.

Bruce’s counselling is underpinned by knowing society is complex, contradictory and often unhealthy; that we can feel pressured by unrealistic expectations and outdated ways of living; and that it’s harder now than in previous generations to gain housing and employment security. Meanwhile the environmental crisis leaves us feeling powerless.

How we were parented sets patterns of behaviour, mostly unconscious, that can be unhelpful as adults. Many people suffer adverse childhood experiences or traumatic events in adulthood. These can need help to recognise and work with so we each have our best opportunity to thrive.

Bruce’s counselling is gentle and person-centred. He listens, offers support and uses guided reflection to explore what you want to resolve, and to work on goals to make your life more satisfying.

Bruce offers a free 15 minute introductory call and also offers online counselling.
Counselling is useful to:

  • Talk confidentially about whatever is on your mind
  • Work on the normal problems of adult life
  • Help make difficult decisions
  • Talk about feeling lonely, isolated or disconnected
  • Develop a better understanding of yourself
  • Work on key relationships
  • Manage stress and non-clinical anxiety and depression
  • Give you more control and freedom to live how you want to
  • Manage alcohol and other drug overuse
  • Overcome loss and manage grief
  • Work on feelings of anger, disappointment, guilt or shame
  • Gain confidence to try new things
  • Create a life philosophy that works for you
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